Sunday, September 03, 2006


Anne Frasier's "Pale Immortal"

On Sept 5th, bloggers will be blogging about the upcoming release by local author Anne Frasier. Here is a short video about her new book!
Logline: A body is drained of blood and residents of Tuonela, Wisconsin, fear the return of the Pale Immortal, a vampire who has been dead for a hundred years.

PALE IMMORTAL, a new book by Anne Frasier coming September 2006!

thanks so much for the pimpin'!!!
I finished reading yesterday. The story pulls you along right up until the end.
Sue - I can't wait to get home from work today to get back in the book. I picked it up last night, and read to page 100 before I decided I should get some sleep before work today.

Anne - Good to see the Great response on your blogfest!
thanks so much, waldo. and thanks for the local support!! it's been a great day. :)
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